Noobs Guide to Mining BCD Bitcoin Diamond

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what is up ladies and gentlepeople :

tuning back in it is Friday June 7 2019

hope everybody's having an awesome day

I'm having a pretty good one myself but

I've had a couple requests and also I

started looking into it myself to do

some Bitcoin diamond mining this is not

going to be a review video I don't

really do that kind of thing there's a

lot of other youtubers that do this is

just me showing you how to get up and

mining Bitcoin diamond on NVIDIA cards

as fast as possible so Bitcoin diamond

org is the website as the main webpage

you can look out some more stuff like

that I'm gonna put that link down below

in the description but the miner I'm

gonna be using is Z enemy I believe you

can also use t-rex but I'm just more

familiar with Z enemy