Unlimited Resources From Space – Asteroid Mining

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casually watching a video on YouTube

on a computer more powerful than anything humanity could build a few decades ago.

Тhis progress and all the wonderful machines you take for granted

are built on a few rare and precious materials

with names like Terbium, Nneodymium or Tantalum.

Getting these rare materials from the ground into your devices is ugly

The mining industry is responsible for air and water pollution

and the destruction of entire landscapes.

Dangerous chemicals like cyanide, sulphuric acid or chlorine are used to extract the resources,

harming biodiversity, workers and locals.

And rare resources are also political tools, when countries restrict access to them to get their way.

But what if we could replace the mining industry on earth,

with a clean process that can't harm anyone?

Well, we can; all we need to do is look up.

(catchy introductory music by Kurzgesagt)

Asteroids are millions of trillions of tons of rocks, metals, and ice.

Leftovers from the cloud that became the planet 4.5 billion years ago.

They can be as small as a meter or proto-planets the size of entire countries.

Most of them are concentrated in the asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt

while hundreds of thousands more do their own thing between the planets.