Arma 3 | How to Disable Minefields [A guide to Mines]

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hi guys Luton here and we're back on

arma 3 now today I'm gonna be taking a

look at mines now mines of something

that you come across not very frequently

in ARMA 3 but when you do it's something

that people are often kind of unprepared

for they don't know necessarily how to

deal with them and I saw this recently

on an I on a mission and I saw four or

five guys running into a minefield just

getting destroyed by them and you can

get around it very easily you need to

carry a mine detector in your kit I'm

going to take a look at this right here

and you can see that here we have our

mine detector now I'm actually an

explosive specialist right now an

explosive specialist is the only class

that can actually disarm mines can

deactivate them okay no other class can

deactivate a mine even if you have a