Asteroid Mining: How to mine in space instead of on earth

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On the 15 February 2013, an asteroid entered Earth’s atmosphere over Russia.

It created a fireball brighter than the sun.

Its shockwave injured more than one thousand people.

Videos like this show why asteroids pose a great threat to life on Earth, but they

are also the reason why some see them as a golden opportunity.

This clip was watched millions of times on devices like this.

Such small and powerful machines are built with precious metals like gold,

silver, and platinum.

These rare resources are not just pretty, they are among the most conductive,

durable and malleable of all elements.

They are highly important for medicine, aerospace, and technology.

But getting them is an ugly process.

Mining destroys entire ecosystems, displaces communities,

and creates toxic waste.

And there's a tragic irony: platinum is

used to make solar panels, hydrogen,

and wind turbines.

So, the more the world goes green, the more toxic mining it needs.

But our planet is not the only source of these special elements.

The key to sparing Earth this devastating mining may lie in the planet’s

ultimate threat: asteroids.