What Do YOU Need to MINE ONE BITCOIN In 2020?!

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hey what's up guys you're watching the

boss coin YouTube channel my name is

drew boss and this is the beautiful

tails resident Chiba innuendoes and

today we're gonna be going over exactly

you know what does it take to mine one

Bitcoin here in 2020 I'm gonna run the

numbers show you exactly what it takes

what hardware how long it takes

breakeven points and everything else in

between if you are completely unfamiliar

with Bitcoin mining what is behind me

right now is a loud heavy hot expensive

ASIC minor application specific

integrated circuit miner specifically

it's a bit main ant minor if you're

totally unfamiliar with this stuff I

know it'll kind of make your head spin

I know it's loud annoying so I'm not

shooting the whole video in front of it

but yes so these are the things that