Shot Glance Bar Liquor Inventory Rulers

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here we got the shot glance our

inventory system and when you are

measuring show me how the rulers work

and how you can tell so this bottle

looks about half full right now yeah but

let's say you know you started with a

full bottle so now I'm going to measure

it so now you've got some different

shaped rulers there and you put the one

that matches the bottle the profile of

the bottle right up to it and I can see

that you've got 13 what is that

bounces laughs that's how many are left

okay so you measure it you write it down

that's your inventory for that bottle

now what about a different shaped box be

sure you've read it at eye level okay so

you always want to make sure you're here

not looking from their tower yeah

because you'll get a like half an ounce

difference okay so if you're on a barrio

or you don't have to bend down too far

so that's where that third team okay now

you have a different shaped bottle to

kind of give an idea of the all the

different range how many different

there's profiles of the rich 24 ages and

you match the gauge to the bottle

obviously and it should fit within three

eighths of an inch of editing point at

the bottom okay the profile the outside

profile okay so this one here I can see

that there are looks like it's between

18 and 19 so might go right to it well

you call it nine what if you're like

right in between you you just can

eyeball that half yeah oh okay


you got a bunch of different shapes you

match it up read it at eye level now

what do you do with a bottle that you

can't see through you got one of those

I forgot the dips all right so Wow

here's a bottle that you can't see

through so there's a you have something

for that

yes you simply take off the spout drop

it in it will have the liquid odd like a

dipstick and then you simply put it next

to whatever profile whatever profile

that's a pong and it'll breed whatever

that liquid was and then I do holy [ __ ]

actually no that's that's where that's