Glucose Test during Pregnancy

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hi so I had a request after my second trimester video to explain more about my

glucose test and what it was like so the glucose test I had done in a clinic that

was close to my home rather than driving all the way up to the hospital

my doctor said it's fine that I could do the testing and any private clinic as

long as I shared the results with her so that was kind of a good thing that I

didn't have to drive all the way for 45 minutes so the process was like this I

went to the clinic in the morning because I was asked to go on an empty

stomach so I went by about 7:45 in the morning and I had to give a urine sample

as well as a blood sample they took only one vial of blood and after which they

asked me to intake to drink glucose so since this was a small clinic that was

just average clinic near my home and they did not provide the glucose so I

was asked to go out and to buy a pack of glucose so I found a pack of Glucon D

and the thing is with the glueconD this was a hundred one hundred and

twenty five gram pack and you only required to take 75 grams so at 75 grams

of glucose and hundred ml of water so if this is your glass you're going to be

having almost 3/4 of your glass for a be glucose so you need to measure 75 grams

of glucose and dilute that in to 100 ml of water so you'll have to drink that Glucose

on an empty stomach and following which you will have to wait for two hours

you can either that's the reason they tell you to do this close to home is

because you don't have to wait in the hospital or wait in the clinic for two

hours so after two hours you go back and you give one more sample of urine

and sample of blood they would be able to give you your test results in after

two or three hours maximum so I got my results on the same date anything below

120 is considered as normal so as long as long as your levels are below 120 it's

fine there's nothing to worry about you can continue with your normal diet if at

all your levels are higher maybe after above 120 or even some of them some of

my friends like I had my support group so

some of them were diagnosed with having gestational diabetes so in that case

your doctor will give you steps of what you are to do whether you have to be put

on an insulin injection one of my friends actually was having a higher

glucose and she had to be monitored constantly and they would give you a

little injection shots that you could give off the insulin but that's only in

a very extreme case and house was a complicated pregnancy but otherwise you

will just have to watch what you eat to tell you a little more about the product

like I purchased a pack of gluconD it cost me only 27 rupees the testing the

glucose testing cost me 250 rupees so this was all about the glucose test if

you have any other questions do let me know on your comments below if you found

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