8 OZ to CUPS

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hello everyone welcome back to my video

in this channel today I'm going to show

you how to comfort round 2 cups so the

question is a Coastie cups how to confer

it alright here's the question

accounts equals how many cup alright

this is the question section now we are

moving to the formula before we answer

the question we need to know the formula

so we use an us standard for the formula

between owns in cup so one fluid ounce

equals 0.125 cup you need to maybe you

need to remember that but I don't I

don't ask you to my because if you

already understand the concept then

there's nothing need to be remember

memorize I mean alright here's the

answer section first we write down the

question again like arms equals how many

cup and then this is the formula just

like what I wrote before one ounce

equals 0.125 cup and this is how we

answer the question first to aunt to

answer this question first we need to

put this formula 1 ounce I call this

number 2 here alright so this is the

formula and then because you have a

right here then you must put the egg in

the left side of the equal sign and then

in the right side of the equal sign so

you multiply 1 ounce with a and 0.125

car with a alright so 8 times 1 equals

egg bounce and 0.125 cup time a equals

one cup so this is the answer of the

question that's all it's very easy right

alright everyone thank you for watching

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again in another video goodbye