Gr 3 Math #10.7, Measure Liquids Ounce, Pint, Quart, Gallon

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grade three math number 95 measure

liquids liquid volume is the amount of

liquid in a container volume means how

much is being held in there okay now

there's two ways of measuring in the


there's metric and there's US standard

okay that's what we use in the USA but

the rest of the world pretty much uses

metric and liter is a metric measure of

liquid volume there's a little more than

three and a half liters in one US gallon

they have three point seven eight five

liters to a gallon where we have four

quarts to a gallon okay so in the US we

use ounce cup pint cork & gallon to

measure liquids one cup is equal to

eight fluid ounces each cup has eight

ounces fluid ounces in it if you had two

cups then it would be equal to one pint

now because there's eight ounces in each

of these cups 8 plus 8 is 16 16 fluid

ounces there's two pints in one quart so

each court is 32 fluid ounces there's

four quarts in one gallon and because

each one of these is 32 ounces each

gallon has a two hundred and twenty

eight fluid ounces let's see how that

works so a gallon of milk has four

quarts in it okay

so let's figure this out what volume of

liquid can cereal bowl hold which one to

use which one of these do you think a

cereal bowl can hold well you

certainly can't put a whole gal in the

milk in a cereal bowl that would float

over the sides so it's not a gallon and

a quart would be an awful lot my guess

for a cereal bowl would be a pint I

think that you could put two cups of

milk and cereal in a cereal bowl this is

one cup see that's not very big so I

think a cereal bowl could hold two of

these see how big it is to my hand what

volume of liquid do you think a kitchen

sink could hold when you're doing dishes

how much water do you think can be held

in the kitchen sink when you put the

plug in

I bet it's several gallons some things

get pretty deep so I bet it's a few

gallons what volume of liquid do you

think a juice box would hold

well juice box isn't very big I bet it

holds one cup now what you can do is you

can get a measuring cup and you can get

a liquid measuring cup from your kitchen

but get your parents permission first

and try pouring a cup full of liquid

into another container and see how many

cups it takes to fill that container

I've got a glass pitcher here this is a

one quart glass pitcher see there's four

of these in a gallon but that's pretty

big compared to this little cup isn't it

so I wonder how many of these would fit

into that glass pitcher I wonder so get

yourself will get permission first and

then get a cup a measuring cup and get

another container and see how many cups

fit into that container

that's measuring liquids I'll see you

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