Using a Measuring Cup

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hi I'm Susan from bake with mom calm

today I am going to tell you how to

properly use a measuring cup so your

cups you'll normally are marked and the

1/4 cup is obviously the one on the very

bottom and then it's a 1/2 cup 3/4 of a

cup and 1 cup if you have a 2 cup

measure you won't have all of them

marked but the line at the very bottom

would be a quarter of a cup and a half a

cup is marked then 3/4 of the cup would

be halfway between a half a cup and a

cup and then your one cup I had watched

a show where a lady was supposed to use

a quarter of a cup of oil and what she

did is she did way up here she did a cup

and a quarter because she saw a quarter

mark on the the cup that she was using

instead of going down here that ruined

her recipe because she used far too much

oil for her recipe a whole cup extra so

I hope this helps you out if you need

any more tips check my site at bake with

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