How to Work Out Your Luggage Dimensions

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common question people are going to

travel is hello X to figure out the

dimensions of Monday waits pretty simple

if you limit it to the 23 telegrams it's

going through kilograms can't go get

that wrong dimensions are a bit more

confusing so I'm going to show you

quickly how you compare the dimensions

of your bag so that way you get all are

you over or under ok Qantas is my devil

today never lumen is 158 cents fingers

per day so to figure out the dimensions

of the bag but a pretty basic Skyway

back here and we will just work out the

dimensions of this and he'll going to

tell you if you are able to use that bag

and have it the log of the limit so for

this one we'll just take a simple tape

measure and we'll measure the three

dimensions of the bag with the are that

which is 28 centimeters or height which

is 68 centimeters and then our width

which is 44 centimeters all we did it

ever work out this little dimensions of

the bag because they have those three

together and we get 140 centimeters so

this bag here in out of the limit and

you can definitely use this on Qantas

and most other carriers