mg THC & How To Calculate It

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good morning guys I wanted to quickly go

over how to calculate milligrams of THC

and explain what it is exactly I think

this is one worth knowing since

milligrams of THC is quickly becoming

the new dominant unit of measurement

when it comes to trying to discuss

dosages just like it's the dominant unit

of measurement with prescription

medication and a lot of other substances

also in legal jurisdictions it's

becoming increasingly the standard way

to label the dosage up on marijuana

edibles and drinkables when we talk

about weed traditionally it was always

done by weight grams ounces pounds and

so on which was very broad and also very

standard and in the last 15 years we

also started using percent THC to be

more precise which describes the THC

content of a particular strain per gram

and thus its potency per gram but that

figure was always expressed as a

percentage for example this strain is

12% THC but now we've gone one step

further to the milligrams that milligram

figure is not as confusing as it seems

if you have one gram of weed also known

as 1000 milligrams and it's a strain

that's 12% THC that means there's 120

milligrams of THC in that single gram

why do we need to take things to

milligrams because one standard dosage

especially when it comes to edibles has

been defined as 10 milligrams 10

milligrams of THC is the amount of THC

that a relative novice consumer would

need to consume in order to feel mild of

cannabis effects a mild high so if you

buy a marijuana

chocolate bar and it states that the

whole chocolate bar contains a hundred

and sixty milligrams that means that's

that chocolate bar has 16 of those

standard doses and they're most likely

divided into the little chocolate

squares in that bar now that doesn't

mean that to the average marijuana

consumer they'll be able to get decently

stoned off of ten milligrams as I said

in my episode on tolerance just like

with alcohol marijuana tolerance Rises

10 milligrams is really just a

measurement for novices for myself I

need at least 25 to 30 milligrams and my

tolerance is above average but it's

nothing special

I know super heavy marijuana users who

don't feel much of anything until they

get to about 50 milligrams but if you're

just starting out with edibles 10

milligrams should be your first trial

run obviously to control dosage on such

like with such precision you have to

live in a legal weed jurisdiction

because that's the only way you're gonna

see the percent THC or the milligram THC

vigor expressed in a reliable way on the

package so there you go now you know

what milligrams THC is and how it might

apply to you hope you enjoyed the show

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you next time