Mikelo! - Water: How much is 8 ounces?

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hi everybody Mikkel oh here healthcare

people all the experts tell us that

we're supposed to get eight 8-ounce

glasses of water every single day to

simplify that you're supposed to have

eight servings of water per day each low

serving is this supposed to be a

analysis thing though that I've had

trouble with is how exactly how much is

eight ounces of water now when we watch

all the all the commercials and the

documentaries and the news specials you

know they all do the same thing drink

eight eight ounce glasses of water every

day have a glass of water and of course

you know they like to be artful I don't

care who it is but they all do the same

thing so drink up it's good for you

raise to the lips fade to black

now societally when we say have a glass

of water you know this is what we think

of now those of us who have tried to

change our health who have tried to

start a new lifestyle as you know we of

course listen to the people let's say

drink eight glasses of water a day

because that's the healthy thing to do

or if you're more active 10 to 12 if you

have a smaller body or your kid may be a

little less than a down a table eight

servings of water but the thing is is

that the problem is is that when we when

we watch these people on TV you know

they always hold up this glass or or we

say have a glass of water in our culture

and immediately we think of this have

you tried to drink eight of these you

can't you know eight a toast glasses

that's 64 ounces of water per day okay

this is substantially more than that

okay so the question is how much is an 8

ounce glass of water well I'm going to

go ahead and show you that right now

okay to do so I'm going to go ahead and

get technical here how much is 8 ounces

well says so right on here specifically

it says it right here

it's equal to one cup have a cup of

water so let's do that we launched a

full cup of water eight ounces that's

this right here okay and let me go ahead

and check my math actually that's a

little less then so you go ahead and add

a little more so what we have here now

we have eight ounces of water this is

what you're supposed to be drinking aid

of every single day now how much is that

in relation to this this half a glass of

water that's how much this is how much

you're supposed to be drink now if you

drink a full glass that's two servings

you know those bottles of water that you

buy in the store those are usually 16 to

16 and a half ounces that's two servings

of water how many do you need of those

in it four and four full glasses of

water a day for the average adult so

that's how much you're supposed to be

drinking this is how much eight ounces

is so don't don't bother you're not

trying to drink yeah

you know it's there you go this is what

you should be drinking a tub every

single day so drink up it's good for you

and by the way make sure your water is

purified this is Mikkel oh saying to

your health and blessings and blessings