How to measure 6-8 ounces of chicken/fish/steak

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hey guys what's going on Jay Jorgensen

Here I am in my humble kitchen and we

are going to be cooking some chicken in

fact I'm cooking some chicken right now

right below you under the stove I got

you like set up on the back of my oven

right there where you can see so hoping

my phone doesn't fall in and get fried

anyways recording this to show you guys

what is six to eight ounces or to 10

ounces of chicken or fish or steak or

lean meat because that's on a typical

bodybuilders diet a typical get lean

diet lose weight diet the majority of

all the meal plans if you let's not use

diet let's use meal plan the majority of

all the meal plans are six to eight

ounces of chicken six to eight mils per

day then and that's another side note

you guys six to eight mils a day not

three meals a day not skip breakfast get

jacked up on coffee have a bad lunch and

then come home and and veg out now it's

six solid meals plus snacks a day

depending on your activity or anything

of that nature you want to consult

someone who knows if you have any

questions email me I'll be more than

happy to help you exactly to tell you

exactly what you need on your meal plan

or anything like that so I'm going to

show you guys right here on what I'm

doing right here my chicken Oh see here

right there so right I'm going to take

that out you can see I just got it all

grilled and you can see I have about

eight chicken breasts in there because I

like to precook it we all have busy

schedules and we can't exactly just come

home make some chicken and some

vegetables and then like go on with our

day so I like to pre cook so I have at

least two three meals ahead of time so

I'm going to show you guys going to turn

the oven off here I'm going to show you

guys exactly what six to eight ounces of

chicken and it's this I'm showing you my

fist right here if you don't have a

scale and you can't exactly weigh your

chicken and this is after it's cooked

not precooked this is after if you can't

get a skin you can find really cheap

ones t.j.maxx or like there's really

cheaper ones that get the job done where

you can set your foot food down and they

can weigh 10 ounces if you don't have

that measured by your fish so I'm a

pretty big guy I'm six four

my fishes is probably going to be closer

to eight ounces if your Alea a sweet

tiny little girl in your turn to measure

your fist that's probably more like four

ounces of chickens so double it up but

yes you can get food scales ranging from

$10 to $200 depending on on what level

of ones you need so anyways you guys I

just wanted to show you what six to

eight ounces of chicken fish steak

actually looks like and you might have

another question whole is chicken way

different than finish and steak it's all

relatively the same after it's been

cooked fish is going to be a little bit

lighter it's going to be a leanest

option but either way you are portion

controlling you are watching how many

calories you're eating if you're

measuring it by your fist or doing a

pretty good job even if you go a little

bit above or a little bit under anyways

you guys message me if you have any

questions that my email coach Jay

Jorgenson love to help anyone

out just love seeing transformations and

just helping people get started or

seeing them through subscribe to my

youtube visit my website stay fit stay

strong and let's do this together

all right guys bye