Alton Brown's Famous "The Chewy" Chocolate Chip Cookies | Good Eats | Food Network

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back to butter but this time we're gonna

melt it two sticks eight ounces sixteen

tablespoons 48 teaspoons in a heavy

medium saucepan over low heat while that

melts sift together two and a quarter

cups of bread flour with a teaspoon each

of salt and baking soda

why well the water from the melted

butter will combine during agitation

with the higher protein of the bread

flour therefore producing gluten which

is Julian also since bread flour can

absorb much more liquid than all-purpose

flour more moisture will stay in the

cool game add the now melted butter to

the mixing bowl and add a quarter cup of

white sugar and a quarter cup of brown

sugar plus a whole cup of brown sugar I

should mention that the darker the sugar

you use the chewier the cookies are

going to be and now the wet works up to

this point we've strictly been to bed

cookies but we're now we're gonna make a

change I'm gonna go with one whole egg

let that work its way in and one egg

yolk why the change

I'll take this one it's got to do with

egg whites you see egg whites dry out

baked goods that's kind of what they do

and a chewy cookie has got to be more so

not only are we gonna get rid of one egg

white we're actually gonna add an ounce

two tablespoons of milk and of course

our teaspoon and a half of vanilla as

soon as that is integrated we can go

with the dry stuff add this nice and

slow scraping down the bowl as you go


now as soon as your batter comes

together time to go with the two cups of

chips now remember you got to give these

little guys room to grow I never put

more than six on a pan at one time how

long are they gonna take well 13 to 15

minutes depending on your oven but I

always start checking in on them after

about 5 minutes

the reason browning depending on your

oven the back ones may start to brown

before the front ones and you may have

to rotate the pans a couple of times

oh and remember the more pans you put in

the longer the cook time