How to choose the perfect rug size

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hey guys it's Emily Henderson and

Orlando Soria and today we're going to

talk to you about how to choose the

perfect size rug for your living room

alright so the biggest mistake that we

see and we see it all the time is that

the rugs tend to be too small for the

space so the first thing we do when

decides the right rug size is we

actually measure the size of the seating


all right so measure the room and

realize the room is pretty big the

seating area is at least we need like an

9 by 12 but first I want to show you

what happens if we bring in a rug that's


okay so the rub works in one sense that

it is a little bit bigger than the sofa

on both sides and I like for the rug to

be at least six inches bigger on both

side of the sofa so we're about hitting

that so that's good but none of the

furniture legs are on it and the room is

really big so the proportion of the road

to the room is totally off

this isn't like wildly too small but it

is bigger be better and the orientation

of it being horizontal with a sofa it's

actually kind of like squashing the room

and making the room feel smaller so did

you want to try it oriented vertically


all right the good thing is there is at

least six inches on both sides of sofa

or rug so that dimension is correct yes

it's wide enough it's just not long

enough I think our lesson is that we

have to go up one more size

so here we have a 9 by 12 what's very

well it's off all right so this guy is a

9 by 12 it's big

nice big rug for a nice big room so

let's see what happens we put all the

furniture on top of it

this is our rug perfect rug size 9 by 12

is any bigger it would be like running

into both sides of the room so we don't

want a 10 by 14 but now all the

furniture fits on it so it dictates a

conversation area and makes the room

feel very pulled together all right so

just to recap first tip is measure your

space and make sure that you're getting

the right rug for the right room

tip number 2 is be consistent so if your

legs are on have them all on or if

they're off have them all off or if

they're half on have have them half on

but don't have your sofa on and your

chairs off that really cuts a

conversation area tip number 3

orientation right mm-hmm

orient the rug the right way for the

right room true so you don't want to

orient it to the sofa and then cut off

the chairs you want to make sure that if

it's a long room oriented lengthwise all

right there you have it guys how to

choose the right rug for your space so

happy rod hunting