RV Measurements (5th Wheels vs Travel Trailers - How they are measured)

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hi and welcome to too tired teachers

today I want to talk about the

difference and how travel trailers are

measured and how a fifth wheel is

measured when I first started looking

for hours I assumed if I saw an RV that

said it was 25 feet long that the RV

itself is 25 feet long well what I found

out is a travel trailer is measured from

the back bumper to the center of the

ball hitch in front so you can see the

actual living space may only be 22 and a

half or 23 feet where a fifth wheel is

measured from the back bumper to the

center of the kingpin so a 25 foot fifth

wheel you may actually have 26 and a

half feet of living space it can be a

little bit confusing and you need to

realize that when you're looking at an

RV and it says 25 feet this is what

those measurements mean the other thing

I briefly want to mention is the width

standard sized RVs are going to be eight

feet across a smaller size there are a

number that are seven feet across the

fiberglass may be a bit smaller

thanks for watching - tired teachers