How To Use Your iPhone 5s, 5c and 5 As A Heart Rate Monitor - iPhone Tips

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hey everyone this is Dan from D H TV and

in today's video I'm gonna be showing

you how you can use your camera and

flash as a heart rate monitor let's get


alright so to track your heart rate with

the iPhone it's pretty simple you can

download an app in the App Store this

one here is called runtastic heart rate

now I went ahead and chose this one

because I've been using it since the

iPhone 5 but there are a few apps and

you can choose the one that best fits

what you're doing test them out and see

which one you like but they pretty much

work the same way this one here in

particular says lightly place finger on

camera lens and flash so you can see on

the backside here the camera flash is on

so you want to basically put your finger

over both of them so we'll cover them up

that way it's covering the flash and the

camera lens and you want to make sure

that you're accurately on there so that

it starts to track so now I've got my

heart rate tracking it's starting to go

around and it's actually gonna beep

throughout this process now one thing to

keep in mind is a lot of phones are

starting to come out with dedicated

heart rate monitors and this one

compared to those came out pretty

accurately and didn't really show much

of a difference maybe one or two beats

per minute now once it's completed

they'll go ahead and show you where you

rank up and average ranges and things

like that usually I'm in the 55 range so

I'm a little bit lower and it also

depends on your athletic level and what

you're doing and things like that if

you're sleeping resting sitting standing

talking like I am and once you complete

you're basically gonna see your measure

and you can see if you're measuring

while you're sleeping or when you're

about to run before sports this one here

I'm just gonna put general I'm pretty

happy and you can actually add

additional information right here if you

want I'm not going to so we'll discard

that now once you've completed that you

can actually check your history here and

see where you've ranked up in the past

you can see your the last ten

measurements I've measured in at 54

beats per minute 53 beats per minute and

then the one I just didn't know I

discard it because I don't really want

to track it while I'm talking and things

like that and both of these were at a

seated rest so usually I'm in that range

and I am pretty athletic so that does

seem to be pretty accurate for me and in

comparison to some of the other tests

with the doctors and things like that

it's usually around the 55 to

60 range for me so keep that in mind

again this app is in the App Store you

can check it out for yourself there are

many other apps but you don't need a

dedicated phone that has a dedicated a

heart rate monitor built in so I'll just

show you a couple more here that are

available for you and some of these are

free some of them are paid this one here

instant heart rate looks like it does

the same thing heart rate free cardio

heart instant heart rate this one's

actually a paid of that first one and

then we've got runtastic heart rate here

which I've got so check it out let me

know what you guys think if you're

interested in this kind of stuff and if

you guys feel that this is as accurate

as those phones that have dedicated

heart rates built-in thanks for watching

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you next time