How to Measure Your TVs Screen Size

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hello this is Jim hey today we're gonna

do a quick video of how to measure your

TV screen size now either if you're

purchasing a new TV and want to know

what size TV you should purchase or

you're just trying to figure out what

your current TV size is this video

should help you now the TV we have here

is the newer HD TV size which is the

standard 16 by 9 ratio but we're also

gonna go retro and look at the old tube

TVs which are the 4 by 3 ratio but you

can even have the flat screen 4 by 3

ratio as we have here and to measure

your TV screen size is quite simple you

just grab a tape measure and measure

diagonally corner to corner and this is

the same whether you have the

high-definition 16 by 9 ratio TV or an

older tube TV or a flat-screen TV of 4

to 3 ratio the only difference between

the two is you have to remember what

size TV you're dealing with so if you

have an old 24 inch tube TV you want to

tell somebody that it's a 24 inch 4 to 3

ratio TV where the newer high-definition

TVs if you have a 55 inch TV you want to

say it's a 55 inch 16 by 9 ratio TV you

don't need to provide the width or

height measurements only the diagonal

corner to corner measurements and if you

have a TV with large framing around the

monitor or large speakers you don't want

to measure the speaker's themselves like

this older 4 to 3 ratio you ignore the

speakers and you only measure the

monitor corner-to-corner distance and

you typically either wanna round up or

down with regards to the inch

measurement so if your measurement is

slightly over 24 inches you wanna just

round down to 24 inches or if it's just

under 26

inches go ahead and round up 26 inches

so I hope this short video helped you

out and I'll see you next time bye bye