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Hi, I'm Bryan Van and today we're going to talk about chain kits

We've done a lot of install videos

You've probably seen that stuff. We've got that covered pretty well cool tools to use to do it

We got that too

But let's talk about why

You want to put a chain kit on your bike

And how to get you the right parts to hit the performance goals you have in mind

Okay, when it comes time for a chain and sprocket kit right? There's a few reasons. Why you would do it

Performance that's the most common one here for us right

By changing the gearing you alter the acceleration and performance of your motorcycle

Reason number two would be maintenance

Say you put enough miles on the bike this stuff is just flat-out worn out

And it's time for a new kit

Reason number three this is also in my mind a great reason

You want to add a little bling look at this I mean you put that

Red Driven rear sprocket on this bike, some bitchin' sprocket nuts. Gold chain, okay, my bikes dirty

I know, I gotta clean it

It makes the bike

Look better

Most stock bikes

Are going to come with either a 530 or a 525 pitch chain and sprocket kit on it

The most common replacement kit is going to be 520 pitch

The reason most Riders choose that, especially on sport bikes, is when you go to that 520 pitch

It's narrow, okay the sprockets narrower, especially the chain is narrow

So you're losing weight that weight is rotating mask quite obviously because it's spinning

So the lighter it is the less force it generates right makes the bike handle better accelerate quicker

You know then of course you know the overall curb weight of the motorcycle is reduced

By using quality components and going from a thicker 530 or 525 chain you are able to maintain

Very similar strength, and where

It is also really important to note

You cannot mix and match chain pitch you can't take

A 530 chain and throw a 520 sprocket on the bike

Negative, it's not going to work

If you're going 530 you stay 530 chain and sprocket, so on and so forth right down the line

Let's say performance is what you're after you want that bike to accelerate faster

We're going to focus on 1000cc, and 600cc bikes, right

In between you're going to kind of move in between I'll talk about that

With 1000cc, if you want the bike to accelerate quicker what I'm going to suggest that you do, right is

Add two teeth to the stock rear sprocket count

That way it's not so aggressive you'd turn the thing into a wheelie machine

If you want more you can always do more, that's up to you

But to preserve good handling

And the ability to use all the gears on a 1000 what I'm going to recommend you start just by going up 2 teeth

In the rear

Now the 600 CC. Bike right a couple schools of thought there

Once again I'm going to lean more towards you know let's try to preserve

And improve the performance you dont want to go too extreme

So what I'm going to suggest you do on a 600

Let's go down one tooth in the front. Going down one tooth in the front is like going up three teeth in the rear

It is a very significant change?

Now with a 600 it is also really popular

To go down one in the front and up two in the rear it is a very significant change

Right, you're going to lose a little top end, but that bike is going to accelerate a whole lot quicker, so

One's just a little bit more extreme than the other

For bikes that are in between that ok

Once again, I'm going to say let's kind of stay conservative ok let's make small moves if it's a 750

750, it's a little more in my mind like a 1000cc, you get a 900 right

FZ-09, something like that. I feel like you're going to be best served in in my opinion

By trying one tooth

Down in that front sprocket. Because that leaves you a lot of room to work with the rear sprocket

To get a good gearing combination

Also remember forums are a great resource

A lot of folks that have had these bikes all ready they've tried different things

You'll find their feedback on there, and it can help you choose the right gearing combo for yourself

Ok now

Hopefully, we've gotten you a little bit closer to what you want to do

If it's just a maintenance kit right let's say it just worn out you like good quality stuff, right?

We have kits available that are pre-cut and lengthened to come with stock pitch

Stock gearing good high-quality stuff steel sprockets front and back and they make the install easy


Aluminum rear Sprockets in five 20 they don't last as long as steel

Do they are lighter and they all those bitchin' colors. So you're picking that up right?

Remember with a 5:20 kit you can also take and use a steel front. They're all steel and at a steel rear

They are heavier than the aluminum, okay?

They are still lighter than the stock sprocket that came on the bike as long as you're

Changing pitch reducing pitch

But the Lifespan is going to be significantly longer than the aluminum

Also, any of the hard anodized rear sprockets will have a longer life, than say just like a

Standard silver bare aluminum sprocket that would have about the shortest life cycle

If you're Gonna install the kid on the bike yourself

We've got install videos you can use those as a guide if you're not comfortable, go to a mechanic

But what I can tell you is this. You're going to need some tools to get this done and get it done, right?

That master link okay. It's going to come with a rivet link the stuff that we do comes with a rivet link

Do not put a clip link on those things hit slide apart, thing falls off, chain wads up breaks your motor cases disaster

You need to rivet. To rivet it, you have to have a tool

These are some really popular and these are quality chain tools

From Motion Pro. There PBR chain tool kit

You're going to see me using this in a bunch of videos the thing rocks, it's under $100

We stock it, we sell a ton

I've used this one many times. Loaned it out before and they couldn't even manage to break it, good piece

motion Pro Chain alignment tool

Motion Pro Slack Setter

Okay, with your chain tension. Some people think when the chain's brand new

You want to make it to the tight side because it's going to stretch

Negative, if that chain is ever to the tight side and you ride it is going to be hard on the sprockets

And hard on the driveline components on the bike

You do not want that

So even when the chain is brand new I want you to start with

Proper chain tension

You can use that slack setter tool

Find on the internet, right, the specs are everywhere your slack setting

And get that dialed and right and then recheck as you ride the bike the first couple times

That has a huge impact

On how long that stuff is going to wear and then remember chain maintenance

Make sure you have some chain loop and you keep that stuff

Reasonably lubricated also enhances its life cycle

Last but not least let's say that you've changed the gearing on your bike well guess what else has changed

Now the speedometer right. If you've shortened a gearing so it accelerates harder. Well guess what?

When you're going 50 the thing says you're going 75 or 80

You think, ahh it's not a big deal, i can pace that. Well you're correct, you can pace that

But what you can't do is pace your odometer. Remember when you go to sell one of these things, right

What are people looking at. The year, the mileage, and of course the condition of the bike, okay?

If you've just let that rack up additional miles

For no other reason than you wanted shorter gearing, right. It de-values your investment

SpeedoHealer, this is one of the brands that we work with here. They do a great job

HeelTech V4 SpeedoHealer

We have an install video coming on the R3

They're inexpensive, you get this on there and basically what this does get your speedo right

Gets your odometer right and it protects your investment


I really shortened this up. This is basically cliffnotes. We got a lot of other videos and remember

We are always here as a resource if you have questions to ask for a particular kit for your motorcycle

Thanks for watching hope you guys enjoy this

Chain and sprocket series that we're working on and thanks for choosing STG