How to Calculate Your Daily Calories

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hey guys so today I'm just gonna do a

quick video to teach you how to figure

out how many calories you should be

eating in a day now counting calories

isn't for everyone but if you're a

numbers person and you like to keep

track or you're looking for a way just

to get on track with your clean eating

then try this out and I hope it works

for you okay step number one we're gonna

figure out your BMR this is the amount

of energy that your body uses while it's

at rest to figure this out you're going

to need to know your weight in kilograms

your height in centimeters and your age

now we're gonna take those numbers and

plug them into this formula that I have

below for today I'm just gonna be using

my numbers as an example to show you how

this works

okay so we have thirteen thirty five

point four nine so let's just round that

up to thirteen thirty-six alright now

that you've calculated your BMR we're

gonna take that number and multiply it

by a number that represents your

activity level these numbers range from

1.2 to 1.9 based on how active you are

throughout the day and throughout the

entire week if you're following one of

my three-phase programs I recommend you

use the one point seven two five number

to calculate your numbers today all

right now you need to decide what your

goals are if you want to maintain your

weight and where you're at right now

then just use that number that you've

come up with if your goal is more weight

loss then we're gonna subtract anywhere

from three hundred to five hundred

calories now if you want to gain weight

and I mean muscle mass lean muscle not

so much fat you're going to add three to

five hundred calories now remember it's

really important to be realistic about

your goals if your goal is weight loss

you want to make sure that your daily

intake never drops so low that you're

training suffers or that your metabolism

slows down aim for one to two pounds per

week and remember this is my number one

rule if you're hungry eat and on the

other side of things if your goal is

weight gain or muscle gain then just

because you get to eat an extra three to

500 calories a day that doesn't mean it

should be coming from junk food or fast

food or anything like that you still

want to keep those calories coming from

wholesome clean healthy eats alright

that's it I hope that helped

now you guys know how to figure out your

daily calories if you want to take it

even further and figure out your daily

macros so that you know how much protein

carbs and fats you should be having then

check out this video where I explain all

of that in further detail thank you so

much for watching if you like this video

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