50% Weight Bearing Demo - BRBJ Foot & Ankle

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this video will demonstrate how to

perform 50% weight-bearing which is a

common weight bearing level that we have

patients do while they're recovering

from surgery in 50% weight-bearing the

goal is obviously to try to put about

half your weight on the foot that can

vary depending on the patient there are

different ways you can do this sometimes

you can use a scale and put your foot on

the scale putting your weight on that

foot until you get to about half of your

weight in other cases and what I usually

recommend patients do is just make a

gauge as to approximately how much of

your weight is 50% if you're standing in

a straight position with both feet on

the ground with equal pressure on each

side that's 50%

however 50% weight bearing must require

the use of either crutches or a walker

if you go without crutches in a walker

and you put weight on the foot such as

this that's actually 50% of your weight

I'm sorry 50% of the time it requires

crutches put the crutches underneath

here you're going to put some weight on

your hands and some weight on your foot

approximately 50% and you'll walk across

in this manner for those patients using

a walker who are required to do 50

percent weight-bearing once again it

involves having to take one step at a

time as opposed to vaulting over the

crutches put about half your weight on

your hands and half the weight on the

foot and walk across more than a

touchdown level obviously but because

you are using the walker and using some

of the weight bearing on your arms

you're taking about half the weight off

your foot