How to measure a PCD on a 5 stud trailer wheel

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measuring a 5 stood PCD is not quite as

simple as a Forester PCD as you do not

have to diagonal diagonally opposite

bolts you cannot measure from one stood

to the diagonally opposite measuring a

five stood it is still the diameter of a

circle that runs through the center of

the wheel studs but there's no reference

point to measure the diagonally opposite

to any one stood there are three ways

that this can be measured I've got this

to illustrate there are two tires

exactly the same size with two different

stood patterns there's the five stood

112 which is used on many European

trailers and some British trailers that

are beginning to use alcohols and

there's five stood six and a half inch

which is a traditional PCD used by many

British manufacturers including Iver

Williams the first way of measuring is

quite simple but not too accurate you

measure the size of the centre hole on

this wheel it is a hundred and forty

mill you then measure from the edge of

the centre hole to the middle of the

stud you multiply that figure by to add

it to your centre hole and that gives

you your PCD the other way is simply

measuring from one stud to the next

stood once you have this measurement you

multiply it Y by one point seven zero

one or you can measure from one stud to

the furthest stud and multiply it by one

point zero five one if you require any

further help

with measuring P CDs or understanding we

may have the experience on knowing

what's fitted to your particular trailer

please feel free to call us