Home Bar Basics: OZ vs ML

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what's up guys welcome back to the

educated barfly today we're gonna talk

about millilitres versus ounces so as

you know when I first started this

channel I didn't actually think to put

milliliters and ounces together I think

of everything in ounces I'm an American

bartender I think an ounces so I put

ounces and I got a lot of people

requesting the milliliters so then I

started putting milliliters but when I

put in the milliliters now and when I

started doing it I actually based it off

this [ __ ]

now this [ __ ] it estimates and kind of

rounds up and down what the milliliters

are but I'm assuming that the actual

liquid measurement is correct the thing

is is that I use this in almost every

single one of my videos and so I thought

that it would be the smartest thing to

do would be to call out the milliliters

on the side of this [ __ ]

so for instance we know that half an

ounce is 14.8 something something

something something milliliters right

obviously the makers of this trigger are

not going to put that long number on

this so what they're going to do is

around it so they rounded it up to 15

milliliters and then we also know that

3/4 of an ounce is 22.5 so this one

rounded it to 20 and so on and so forth

so on this [ __ ] even though the liquid

volume is correct honest it is a rounded

measurement of 15 20 30 for 1 ounce 45

for an ounce and 1/2

60 for 2 ounces and 75 for 2 and a half

ounces my question to you is this would

you guys rather I keep it with the

rounded measurements as seen on this

sugar or would you rather I put the full

milliliter measurement on there so 22

point 5 and so on and so forth because

as a result you know I've been doing

0.25 ounces so a quarter of an ounce

I've been doing that as 5 milliliters

which is what it is here but honestly

it's closer to 7.5

mililiters anyway I just got a comment

by my number one fan in England Lee

Clark today saying that he would rather

that I had so I'm just gonna take a

consensus he would rather that I do the

actual milliliter measurement despite

what it says on the sugar I am going to

ask you guys and put it to a vote you

guys comment below and tell me which you

would want and we will do what you ask

because we really like to cater that to

the people who really want to see the

milliliters on here all right see you

next time and on the next tutorial