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hey there everyone thank you so much for

joining me on this lesson where we are

going to explore how to find the lengths

of objects using a tool called a ruler

now let's start by thinking about one of

my favorite things in the whole world

food so let's imagine a sandwich that is

one foot long now you probably already

know that one foot is exactly the same

thing as 12 inches they are two

different units of measurement and if we

cut this sandwich directly down the

middle in half we know that each half

would be six inches long

and for this lesson we are going to

explore using a ruler that has that same

length of six inches and we're going to

take a look at what the symbols and

markings on the ruler mean and how we

can use them to measure different size


so let's take a look at the side of the

ruler that's labeled in inches and you

can determine that by looking for the

word inch or I n as an abbreviation

notice the large numbers 1 through 6 are

labeled on the ruler each of these spots

is a value of one inch in length so the

distance between 0 and 1 is equal to one

inch the distance between 0 and 2 is

equal to 2 inches which can be expressed

as 2i n the distance between 0 and 4

would be equal to 4 inches but what

would happen if we're measuring a

distance that falls somewhere in between

two of these values notice that there is

a marking directly in between each one

inch marker on the ruler and each of

those markings are going to represent

1/2 so in this case we have a length of

4 and 1/2 inches

now what if we push our measurement a

little bit further so that it's in

between a whole number and a 1/2 in this

case we're in between five and five and

a half the markings in between these

values are each worth one quarter so in

this case we have a measurement of five

and one quarter inches or five and 1/4

and if we push our length a little bit

further so that it's in between one half

and the next whole number we can

conclude that this length is equal to

five and three quarters or five and

three fourths

so now that you have a better

understanding of using a ruler to find

the measure of a length let's gain some

practice using a ruler to measure some

different items so let's start off by

finding the height of this piece of

candy we could start by turning the

figure on its side and taking our ruler

and lining it up so that the zero inch

mark is aligned with the left edge of

the figure and seeing how far along it

goes on the ruler to the right edge of

the figure in this case this piece of

candy has a length of one and a half

inches oh yeah

now let's see if we can find the length

of this inchworm again we can take our

ruler and line up the 0 inch mark with

the left edge of the figure and seeing

how far along the ruler it extends to

the right edge in this case three and

one quarter inches

now what about an object like a video

game controller again we want to use our

ruler to find them length of this object

so we can line our ruler up on the left

edge at the zero inch mark and we see

that this object is longer than six

inches so first we measure the first six

inches of the object and then we have to

measure the length of the extra space to

do that we can slide our ruler over and

see that this figure extends an extra

three-quarters of an inch so we can

conclude that the video game controller

has a length that measures six and

three-quarters of an inch so this should

get you comfortable now with using a

ruler to find the length of measurements

of different objects so you might want

to go back and re-watch this lesson a

few more times and continue practicing

using your ruler as you continue to

explore measurement and different topics

of mathematics and I thank you again so

much for stopping by I hope you had fun

and I'll see you all next time all right

so that's it for this lesson thank you

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