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how to measure the bolt pattern I'm

gonna go over some of the basics do's

and don'ts when measuring a bolt pattern


hi I'm John Hanson from curry

enterprises and today I'm going to talk

about how to measure a bolt pattern and

what that measurement is and how to take

it correctly it sounds like it's really

remedial and it sounds like it should be

super simple and it is but there are

some common mistakes that do get made

that I want to go over and make sure

that you are aware of the bolt pattern

what you're trying to do is you want to

measure the circle and the diameter of

that circle that the studs create so in

a six lug pattern because it's an even

bolt pattern four lug 6 lug 8 lug even

numbers you can use a basic tape measure

and from the center of one stud go

across the circle to the center of it

the other stud and you can see this

measurement here is five-and-a-half so

the diameter of the circle that these

six studs create is five-and-a-half the

beginning part of that number is going

to be just the number of studs that you

have so if you have six studs the bolt

pattern is six on five and a half or six

studs on a five and a half inch diameter

circle now in an odd number like this

like which is a five lug you can't

measure straight across skipping a stud

because that isn't the true diameter of

the circle that the five studs create

given the odd number so when measuring

the trick is to hang your tape measure

off of the outside edge of that stud and

measure to the center of the stud across

from it you can see here that that is

four and three-quarter so the diameter

of the circle is four and three-quarter

and you have a five stud pattern so

it'll be five on four and 3/4 I hope

that explains how to measure a bolt

pattern correctly if you have any

questions on this feel free to send us

an email give us a call or comment below


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