How to cut basic 45 degree angles

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hi welcome to Johnny works today I am

teaching how to cut 45-degree angles the

most basic angle you can cut okay maybe

you went out and bought a miter saw or a

skill saw and you ready to get your feet

wet always wait glasses watch out for

your fingers okay make sure no kids are

around don't leave that being plugged in

and let's get ready to go the first

thing before we even cut anything go buy

one of these right now literally leave

right now go buy one this is a speed

square okay under ten bucks

I forget seventy bucks whatever it is

okay buy one of these bad boys has got a

45 degree angle already on one side the

other side square that's my 90 okay this

will be your best friend for marking

ahead of time so if you're looking at a

new project to working on you could mark

it ahead of time with your pencil what

direction you want that thing to look go

over to you saw lay that thing down

you're ready to cut and then look at it

and say mmm that's right way I'm going

am I going the right way

alright so this right here is two feet

two feet long short too short okay if

you do not know what that means I'm

gonna show you right now okay 45 degree

angles on both ends alright from this

point right here this would be called a

short point or if I went the other

direction say I'm gonna walk in this way

or I'm facing this way this is called

the short point okay the point of the

board that you're cutting if it sticks

out farther than the other one see how

it's on angle was longer than the other

this long measurement would we call a

long point and the short measurements

called chill point it's the same on both

sides okay put it down flat with the 45

side towards the end of my board yeah

make a pencil line alright sliding it

over here lining up my blade with my

pencil mark

from that point I should say from this

hook my tape and come over 24 inches


once I make my 24 inch model grab my

speed square again now I see the angle

coming back towards me okay now if I

want to go long too long I hooked on

that long point I made a mark and now

I'm gonna now instead of hooking I'm

gonna put my speed square right on that

mark I'm gonna make sure that the angle

is going back towards the other angle

because I wanted to go long - long long

point a long point I make my pencil

marker look at it for a second all right

the long points up here the long point

both of them are on the same side of the

board the board's going this way in this

way towards each other okay so that must

be long too long okay so 24 inches or 45

long too long on the flat okay this is

our flat I go this way it'd be more like

a double cut thank you without grabbing

the trigger line up my blade hold my

piece down watch my fingers


forty five-degree long too long



and I could do what they call bevel all

right so I undo the lock and bevel my

saw lock it in now I'm locked in at 45

degrees on a bevel okay so I'm set a

straight cut even straight cut on an

angle now I'm on a bevel so now when I

cut this angle

it's on a bevel okay see this board

right here that's about a long point and

this one's my show points just like it

was when I had another plant like this

okay so if my father-in-law Big Joe

wanted a 24 long too long

I would hook here Oh with my tape

measure till I got to 24 inches and I'd

make a little pencil mark like I did

take my speed square make a little angle

now I know that I'm going the right way

finger there and now I'll mark this with

my speed square


look on that so whatever measurement you

want if I want to go two feet I go two

feet 24 inches okay make a pencil mark

grab my speed square okay I want to go a

long point to Long Point I'm gonna go

backwards towards Madeline if I want to

go long too short

I put the forty-five ahead of my mark I

run my square until I just about make it

to that mark and now this would be

considered long too short okay it's

gonna be the same angle in both

directions like this

long too short okay 2424 all right today

on Johnny works I'm going to teach you

how to cut angles alright today I'm

going to teach you how to cut the most

basic you don't have your Grandpa's old

handsaw we I'm ghost tight halfway

through you like I got a update oh yeah

alright today we're gonna teach on the

most basic 45