Measure #35 or #420 Chain - Put a wrench on it!

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thanks for stopping by OMB warehouse now

we're here at the gray goat garage today

I'm going to show you guys how to

measure chain I get this question a lot

hey what size chain do I have

and what's I sprocket do I have so it's

a real easy measurement let's put a

wrench on it okay chain is measured in

the eights

meaning if it's 3/8 pitch it's a 35

chain if it's 4 eights inch or half inch

pitch it's a 40 41 4 20 chain put a

wrench on it it's real easy to measure

here we have a standard max torque

clutch on a predator engine printer 212

and I've got a 3/8 inch wrench here

we're just gonna put that 3/8 inch

wrench right over the top of the teeth

on this I know now that this is a 35

chain clutch for the 3/4 inch shafted

engine but you can also measure Jack

shaft sprockets or rear-wheel sprockets

with that same wrench if I go right over

the top of each tooth with my 3/8 wrench

I know that this sprocket here is for a

number 35 chain same thing with this

jack shaft sprocket here I go from top

of the tooth to the top of the tooth

it's 3/8 of an inch that's for 35 chain

I've got some 35 chain here and you can

even measure your existing chain from

going pin to pin with that same 3/8 inch

wrench just go from pin to pin there's

3/8 so that's number 35 chain if you

have like a ball bike or a Coleman bike

I know that those have 420 sprockets on

them but if you want to make sure let's

use a half inch wrench or 4 eighths of

an inch and we can measure right to the

top of that from tooth to tooth and it's

a half an inch that half inch tells me

that we're for series chain whether 40

41 4

20 I just know for a fact that it's 4:20

on the Baja bikes and the Pullman bikes

also we're going to take this clutch off

this predator engine I'm gonna grab me a

three-quarter inch wrench we can measure

the size of the shaft just by putting a

wrench on it so your wrenches are your

friends put a wrench on it and that'll

tell you what size shaft you have so

like the Predators all to twelves

they all come with a three-quarter inch

shaft and take a standard three quarter

inch clutch but if you had a doubt about

it or like some of the coleman bikes or

some of the early baja bikes they may

have had a 5/8 inch shaft so put a

wrench on it and then you can measure it

really easy thanks for stopping by the

great go garage and don't forget go to

OMB warehouse at dub dub dub OMB or visit us on old mini

bikes comm thank you