Fast 800 my journey - oats 40g = 1/3 cup = 4 tablespoons

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hi there i'm just going to give you some

examples of how

when you weigh your foods or measure

them in a measuring cup

how important it actually is on these

800 calories because it's very easy to

miscalculate and just guess and then you

go way over your calories so you get

your scales in this case minor digital

and you put your cup on there and you

put your oats in but you put the cup

first take it back to tear

on the scale so it's at zero and then

you add your rolled oats

so that is now 40

grams of oats okay

it's not a lot so it's easy to to

miscalculate that

okay i will give you another example of

this okay so those

same 40 grams of oats

is one third of a cup

plus just a little bit more okay

so if you don't have scales and you only

have measuring cups

a third and just make it a little bit

more that's for 40 grams

so obviously that would be half of that

if you're only having 20 but it'd be a

very small bowl of oats but i always use

a third of a cup

in my porridge or a third of a cup in my

bursham muesli okay i'll give you

another example of this

so if you don't have scales

or measuring cups but you have measuring

spoons so that one there is a tablespoon

that third of a cup 40 grams

of rolled oats equates to

four measured flat tablespoons

of rolled oats plus a tiny little bit

extra that was there so roughly four

tablespoons so you can have four

tablespoons of oats

in your porridge or persian muesli

if you're doing 40 grams 40 grams away

ignore that because that's going back to

tear and or a third of a cup

that just makes it a little bit easier

for people who don't have scales and

they just guess and then

suddenly what you think is 40 grams is


80 grams which is then double your

calories so

serving size sizes are very important to

get used to

and once you get used to it you can

almost do it yourself by eye but that

takes a while

i still after over a year

measure my third of a cup every time i

have oats

because it uses up a lot of your

calories and carbs and

i want to make sure that i'm not you

know having more than i should have and

then i've got the calories for the rest

of the day

okay bye