How to measure a PCD on a 4 stud trailer wheel

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here at towing and trailers one of the

major problems that we get with people

buying wheels is measuring the PCD

people don't understand how important

the PCD is this is the distance between

the studs on a trailer wheel it's

measured in a circle that all four wheel

knots will fall on it's simple to

measure on a falsehood wheel it is the

simple as measuring from the middle of

one stud to the middle of the diagonally

opposite stud we have many problems with

people with larger wheels like this one

here with a four stood five and a half

inch where they measure from one stood

to the next stood and measure

approximately 100 mil and by a hundred

mil PCD wheel we also get problems with

people mixing up 100 mil PCD and four

inch PCD the hundred mil PCD is quite

simple 100 mil from one stud to the next

whereas the four inch is 101 point six

mil which is very little difference the

easy way of telling the difference

between these two wheels is the centre

hole the centre hole on 100 mil is

usually 57 or 60 mil the centre hole on

a four inch PCD is usually 66 mil with a

grease nipple cut out the four-inch PCD

is the only wheel on the market that has

a grease nipple cut out as standard all

the popular wheels are 115 mils PCD this

has an 86 mil centre hole and is found

on many european trailers such as ER de

5 and a half inch PCD which is on

heavier trailers in the UK including

many of the major manufacturers

and this has a 95 mil Center hole