How to Measure Cups, Pints, Quarts, and Gallons

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hey there it's Kaeleigh in this lesson we're going to talk about doing math

with the different units for liquid volume in the United States we use four

main units to measure the volume of liquids like milk or water they are

gallons quarts pints and cups here we have them ordered from the largest

volume to the smallest volume now let's review how these units compare to each

other numerically meaning with values there are two cups in one pint there are

two pipes in one quart and there are four quarts in one gallon we've been

using this chart to help us remember how these volumes relate to each other but

what if we want to know a bigger number like how many cups are in a gallon let's

find out by working with a table so we're gonna fill this table in here that

starts with numbers of cups and we're gonna find how many pints how many

quarts and how many gallons are in that same number of cups so let's start with

this first one here it says two cups and we want to find out how many pints are

in two cups we know that from our chart over here we know two cups is equal to

one pint okay so let's go down there now we have four cups if I have four cups

how many pints do I have well let's see if I had another two cups here I would

have another pint so I would have two pints total now do you see a pattern

between the number of cups and the number of pints between these two here

it looks like the number of cups divided by two is equal to the number of pints

we have two divided by two we get one if we have four divided by two we get to

now let's say we had eight cups well if I know the number of cups divided by two

is gonna equal the number of pipes eight divided by two is equal to four and now

if I had 16 cups if I divide 16 by 2 I get my number of pints 16 divided by 2

is 8 so we know that there is a factor of 2 that is different between cups and

pints now let's go to the next one let's go pints to quarts so let's start with

the one we know we know that two pints is equal to one quart so in my table

where it says I have two pints that one is equal to one quart now what if I had

four pints like it says in my table well if I had four pints I'd have another set

up here and then I would have another quart so if I had four pints I would

have two quarts now do you see a pattern between the number of pints and the

number of quarts it looks like it's the same as this the pattern between cups

and pints my number of pints divided by two is equal to my number of quarts four

divided by two is equal to two so if I had eight pints and I divided that by

two I would have four quarts and now if I only had one pint and I've I'd divide

1 by 2 that will give me half of a quart ok now let's go quarts to gallons here

be inside with the one we know we know that 4 quarts is equal to one gallon but

what if I only had two quarts so if I had half the number of quarts I would

have half of a gallon so this one would be 1/2 now do you see any patterns here

it might be easier to look at this bottom 1/4 divided by what is equal to 1

yeah 4 divided by 4 so that's the factor of difference

between quarts and gallons by take the number of quarts and I divide it by 4 I

get the number of gallons so if I had over here just one quart I would have

1/4 a 1/4 of a gallon and if I have half of a quart so if I have just this

half up here I'm gonna divide that by 4 and this one might be a little bit

trickier if we take 1/2 and we divide it by 4 that is the same as saying 1/2 as a

fraction times 1/4 so making this into a fraction and then I multiply across I

have a 1 on the top and I have an 8 on the bottom it's okay if this is tricky

for you if you haven't learned how to divide with fractions yet this will be

equal to 1/8 of a gallon so now if we look at our chart here or our table here

now I can see how many gallons is equal to the number of cups or how many cups

are in a gallon so if I look here at my 1 gallon here if I go over to my cups

column I know that 1 gallon is equal to 16 cups notes say if I wanted to convert

from one quart I can say 1 quart is equal to 4 cups so I can use a table

like this to help me convert between two units that are farther apart than just

cups to pints or pints to quarts great job building out this table now practice

what you've learned by doing the online games and quizzes have fun and remember

to always be clever