Bodybuilding Nutrition Tip: How to Accurately Weigh Cooked Meat

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check it out guys got this ground beef

prepped up along with this ground turkey

so this will serve as some protein

sources for the next few days combined

with the chicken breast I get every

Tuesdays at Fresh Market and yeah going

to put this in some Tupperware's

and get it packed away

alright guys so on the left here we have

our ground turkey and on the right we

have our ground beef now we wait both of

these meats raw in the beginning and we

also weighed them cooked to compare the

raw weight to the cooked weight the raw

weight will always be heavier because

the meat has a lot more water in it now

I do this because right now I need to

have my macros pretty much in check as

exact as possible because you know I'm

competing but you don't necessarily have

to be this anal about it if you're just

tracking macros day to day you really if

you're preparing for a photo shoot or

your competitor and you need exact

macros this is the best way to be able

to weigh it cooked and still get the

nutrition data the most accurate as

possible so as you see here forty point

one ounces of raw turkey is thirty point

four ounces of cooked turkey and 32

point two ounces of raw beef is only

twenty one point nine ounces of cooked

ground beef what we're looking at here

is the nutrition data for four ounces of

this ground beef raw now as you see four

and a half grams of fat and 23 grams of

protein and this is the nutrition data

that comes for four ounces just labeled

right on the package but you have to

keep in mind guys that is the nutrition

data for the raw weight the nutrition

data on the package will always be the

raw weight after I cook it we already

saw that it weighs about ten ounces less

so how do we track it accurately it's

actually really simple to figure out how

much 4 ounces raw weighs cooked all you

need is three numbers the first number

is the raw weight which we already got

when we weighed this beef before

preparing it the second number is the

cooked weight which we took afterwards

and you saw was twenty one point nine

ounces and the third way it is whatever

you want do you want two ounces of beef

do you want four ounces do you want

eight ounces it's whatever you want to

eat for argument's sake let's say you

want four ounces of this ground beef in

your next meal four ounces according to

that nutrition label is four point five

fat and 23 grams of protein but

four ounces raw so what do you weigh out

when you already have all of the beef

cooked up this is really how simple it

is guys as you see we had thirty two

point two ounces of the beef raw and

then we cooked it in at wait twenty one

point nine ounces so all we do is we set

up a proportion check this out

four ounces raw over the entire batch

raw equals question mark over the entire

batch cooked as you see the thirty two

point two ounces is the raw weigh in

that twenty one point nine ounces is

just the cooked weight after calculating

this we get two point seven ounces

cooked so four ounces of this raw beef

is two point seven ounces if I were to

weigh it out cooked and that's what I'll

do if I want four ounces if I want eight

ounces it's just twice that so I believe

that's five point four ounces cooked and

so on it's a really simple way to just

account for the water that's lost in the

meat after cooking it and get the

correct amount of protein that you need

in each of your meals it is a little bit

later now as you see them in a different

shirt I showered up and I'm about to do

some homework but I just want to get

that quick tip out for you guys keep in

mind as I said before if you're not

competing or if you're not going for

something very specific if you're just

trying to live your life and count your

macros semi accurately you can find cook

data on My Fitness Pal on wine fit day

that's accurate enough but for those who

are going after very specific goals or

maybe your occupation depends on it if

you're in the industry that's a good way

to get accurate data all right guys if

you enjoyed this video

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