Food Measurements w/Chicken Breast

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hey how's it going everybody this is

Chris Chavez before emotional fitness

desire to inspire that is my left hand

yeah go ahead and check out the website

WWF orde motion - fitness calm I decided

to go ahead and take a different angle

on this video based on the foremost of

studios limited kitchen space so bear

with me if this is kind of kind of weird

I just wanted to touch on the little the

little portion of my last video

regarding oh the post-workout meal and

I'll go ahead and provide the link to

that below but I touched briefly on

measuring out your food and measuring

out your protein and I just wanted to

stress the importance of that and today

we're going to use a piece of chicken

breast so what I have here is just a

piece of chicken breast I have not

waited yet I just cut it and put it in

fridge for a last couple days and now

we're ready to cook it it does not stink

it is edible so I'm happy about that so

let's go ahead and turn on our scale so

I know from previous measurements that

this Tupperware this particular

Tupperware is one ounce 28 ounces in

weight so I'm just going to convert my

scale to ounces right there and

damn so right there has eight ounces

including the Tupperware so subtract the

one now you're looking at seven ounces

of chicken breasts here so I'm just

going to cook this and I'll come back to

this video and show you the difference

between a cooked chicken and uncooked

chicken thanks a lot alright guys I'm

back at the chicken breasts that we

measure earlier is now cooked it is not

pink inside I feel there are only a

handful of things in this world that are

better wonder pink so chicken is not one

of them so make sure your chicken is

cooked through and through it's going to

turn on the food scale and instead of

using the Tupperware that we used

earlier I'm just going to I'm just going

to put the chicken breasts directly onto

the scale and as you can see it is 5

ounces even it's 2 ounces lighter than

the previous measurement so 2 ounces

different so I hope this example shows

you just how precise measuring is and

how accurate it is and if you're looking

to get the most out of your diet and if

you're looking to take your meal

planning to the next level start start

incorporating some measurements and as

you can see it is a big difference

thanks a lot guys Chris Chavez here

afford most Fitness desire to inspire