How to get accurate measurements on your daily intake of ginger.

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nice lady not here today I'm gonna be

doing a quick video or now to do a demo

on how to take our daily intake of

ginger for we all know that ginger is

very good for us almost especially for

those of us who want to lose some pounds

we want to lose weight and you know

ginger is very good for that aspect and

ginger is very good for you especially

when you use it in the morning I

discovered that some of us use ginger

wrongly and I would always say people

that mostly especially for those of us

who want to lose weight it has really

helped me and I'm trying to tell you

what I did you know that I'm in none of

what I did that this ginger really

worked for me most especially my belly

my belly side of you know my belly side

I normally take it very early in the

morning on an empty stomach so if you

want to want to get a very good result

very very good

you know effectively was results you

should always use this L in the morning

with an empty stomach so what you want

to do it right dosage you wanna do you

want to make sure you're not taking too

much you're not taking less so we four

grams on a daily basis so for you to

know you are taking the correct

measurements and caress measurement so

you want to get on your skill ready you

want to get your knife and your ginger

so you put on your will scale right on

to zero on so we need the gram

so the gram sign is there so you go

ahead with your knife on your ginger you

get a slice out of your ginger Ruth so

you want to know that that we put on

your measuring skill that is three grams

day if you can see it's three grams so

we still want one more grams so we gonna

slice again just get one more one grams

more and that is exactly four grams so

if you could see that

this is what you need on a daily basis

you do not want to take too much you do

not want to take too less just this

literally I would say it's just one

slice one slice but make sure you do a

measurement for you to know you're

taking the correct measurements of you

you know your daily intake so and now

I'm gonna get water so what you need is

and for you need eight humps of water it

hums so you're gonna go on your skill

and go to your your hound sign this is

the have you're sorry the hunt

so you wanna put it back on zero right

and then you get your water and then you

start measuring to write that is eight

hounds of water so what you want to do

you want to put that down right get your

blender okay I'll use my nutribullet so

I'm just gonna drop that in there pour

my water inside it I'm gonna switch my

voice kid off now and put my lips on


okay I'm gonna put this aside because

some fool with the measuring scale right

click and then bring out my nutribullet

put that on these already

the snow now is plain so I'm just gonna

turn that in my glass and well UPS is

ready two three

as you can see it's really really nice

some of sometimes you just want me I

normally take your warm I don't take

your coat

so I'll just warm down a little bit and

just use that in the microwave or

probably you want to put it in your car

and just you know just wore me a little

bit and it really is ready to go and

I've been taking this now for about

three four months non-stop and my my

belly had really really different from

tremendously keep it a try if you think

this helps please leave me a comment

down below and you know on any question

I'll you know I mean any question is

welcome but I'm happy to help you thanks

for watching