Measuring Volume: 35mL of Water in a Beaker vs. Graduated Cylinder

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in this video we'll compare measuring

volume in a 50 milliliter beaker versus

a hundred milliliter graduated cylinder

let's start with the beaker here's our

50 milliliter beaker and I'm going to

try to add 35 milliliters of water to

this let's see it brings us right about

there in terms of halfway between 30 and

40 now let's compare this to the volume

that we get when we measure it in the

hundred milliliter graduated cylinder I


tried to get all the water out there

let's see how it looks we examine the

volume more closely so I can see here

that in the graduated cylinder we get a

much more precise idea of how much water

we have in this case a little bit under

thirty four milliliters it takes about

thirty 3.9 if I had to apply a value to

it so we can see that our graduated

cylinder is a much better and more

precise device if we want a good idea of

how much fine we have relative to the