Top Diet Mistakes: Measure Your Cereal!

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control you welcome to you diet calm

video I'm Sarah do so now if you're

trying to lose weight it's important to

write down what you eat we told you all

about peanut butter and how it's

important to make sure that you're using

only two tablespoons because it is

pretty high in calories now the second

most important food that you should be

measuring is cereal now cereal may not

be as high in calorie depending on what

brand you are using we hear of Kashi go

lean now a serving size is one cup

however many granola cereals are only a

half cup serving now a lot of people

don't even read this and don't even

realize it to show you how important it

is to measure out the cereal that you're

eating I'm going to show you guys how

much you just using my eyeball I think

that a bowl of cereal would be or how

much I would probably pour myself and

then we're gonna put it into a measuring

cup to see actually how much it is now I

know I don't usually measure the cereal

I'm eating so I'm sure many of you don't


now I think that's reasonable that's how

much I poured whether or not I be able

to finish it I'm sure I would it's just

cereal don't we all love a nice big bowl

of cereal all right so now I'm going to

pour it into my measuring cup what I

poured is actually one and a half cups

so I poured almost two times the amount

of cereal that Kashi

recommends via serving size so if you do

this with a cereal that is higher in

calories and more calorie dense you run

the risk of eating an extra one to two

hundred calories so that's why we think

cereal is one of the top foods you

should always be measuring now if you

liked this video make sure you check

back for more foods that we think you

should be measuring out in order to

maintain or lose weight I'm Sarah and

I'll see you next time