205 How to Measure Liquid Ratios with No Measuring Jug

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hello and welcome to Mickey hat yeah in

this video it's coming reasonably short

one but I'm gonna show you how to

calculate ratios if you're are if you

don't have a measuring jug yeah this one

would have been great except last time I

used it which was for the Montmartre

acrylic medium Gogh stuff I'm washing

out and that stuff is brilliant it's

been soaking for ages and I have still

have to scrape it out it hasn't like

deteriorated or anything it's just sorry

more scraping required on that and I

want to get on and paint so if you don't

have a measuring jug what do you do what

you do is you get three vessels each the

same size I'm not very much in the

center am i sorry so these are little

shot glass plastic shot glasses cheap

throwaway stuff now sorry I'm on selfie

mode and it's not it is to do a sideways

shot um and you get a marker pen

obviously you need to be willing to mark

you you shots now these glasses you

probably can't see or maybe you can look

you go these actually have a 2 CL or two

centiliter which is 20 milliliters which

is 2/3 of an ounce and mark on them at

that point okay now what I'm going to do

is I'm going to mark these up

with 50:50 and 2/3 1/3 and how am I

gonna do that well why am i doing that

well I'm I've been sent this acrylic the

sticker at pouring medium and in here it

shows that the fluid acrylics you do two

parts paint one part medium for Kraft

acrylics you don't use one part paint

one part medium and for medium body

acrylics you use one part paint three

parts medium so all of those are either

50/50 or two-thirds one-third get this

come back into focus so we're going to

start off doing the 50 51 and how I'm

gonna do that is I'm just going to pour

water from one to the other in eyeball

it until they're exactly the same

I've gone too far now it's a bit of a

painful process sure but if you don't

have a measuring jug that works this is

what's gonna have to happen okay so

there we have it and so we get our pin

and we mark at the water line and do

them both at the same time for set way

that's easy and then if you want to make

the next one you just took all of that

one under the year and make that one do

we have it so we've got our three macro

fat 50/50

now can you guess how I'm going to do

1/3 1/3 1/3 2/3 yep I'm gonna put some

in there and then some in there and

we're gonna tuck him around until we get

even amounts let me see where are we at

that one's too full give a little bit to

that one too much probably it's a bit of

a pig so if you have a jug you can just

measure out if this would be so 1/3 of

20 moles would be 6.6 Mel's which is a

bit of a pain to measure anyway you

might want to keep some of these these

are a tall eyedroppers and they actually

have markings this one's got this one

holds 3mo up to the year so if I if I

wanted just to put a little bit over

into that one and then put the rest'll

back into the year that could be leaking

or I could measure out 3 mils screwed it

all under there

measure another 3 miles squirt it all

into the year whichever way works for

you really but once you've got them all

lined up which funny angle

so if you can see up my nose that's

about right so what we're gonna do next

is you guessed it Matt those marks mark

mark and mark and then how do we get to


you used to took one under the other we

got and then we took that one back into

the air measure that and then we'll get

emptied that one out and tip that into

there okay so now we have all of elf

things marked at two-thirds one-third

and I didn't back them at the actual

lines and 20 months there we go so we

have three all measured out all ready to

go and it's simple way to do it so I'm

gonna get on and get mixing some paint

see you in the next video