How to Choose a 3-Ring Binder

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Today we're talking about binders

Hey guys, thanks for joining me today. My name is ed

Tchoi Today, we're gonna be going over how to choose a proper binder now

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And of course in today's episode, we're going to be talking about how to choose a binder for the longest time

I thought a binder is a binder

It's got three rings

It opens and closes and I could put my documents in but that's not the case as you can see behind me

We have tons of options for binders. So today let's figure it out. So here we go step

Number one is choosing your page size

The size of the document will determine the size of the binder that you use as you can see we have different options

For our binders. So step number one, What size document are going to be using is it an 8 1/2 by 11

Is it legal landscape? Is it legal portrait? So let's figure that out

first Second step is determining the sheet capacity. So how many sheets are you gonna be putting in the binder?

So that's going to determine the thickness of the binder as you can see in the binder. We have our thicknesses

so this is happens to be a

one-inch binder

So for the sheet capacity is depending on your ring size and your thickness

That's going to help determine the sheet capacity of the binder. So the reference over here

This will show you kind of the sheet capacity and the type of rings that are associate with the capacity

so you'll notice that the

regular round ring the traditional round ring that we usually see it has the least amount of

Capacity and the most amount of capacity is your d-ring now

There's a slanted D and a straight D and we can go over that in a little bit

So once you determine the size of the sheet the sheet capacity

Then we're gonna be talking about the application. What do I mean by application?

Is this going to be a light duty or heavy duty application meaning?

Are you going to be

Inserting documents taking them out inserting them taking them out or or is it just kind of a set it and forget it?

Let's put it in the binder put on a shelf and we won't touch it for another year or so

So if that's the application where you just want to put it in the binder and just you know

You're not going to be referring to it that often you'll probably to just want to use your traditional

Round ring binder now round ring binder you got two tabs pretty basic. We all know this

This is probably what we all grew up on got two fingers to

Release the binding mechanism and just close it with the fingers like that. Boom

Boom nice and easy, but if you're going to be referring to documents a lot

Let's say you're in the legal industry or you're developing a training manual where things constantly change

You'll probably want to consider using a single touch mechanism so that single touch mechanism looks like this

so just one touch and

Look how smooth that works in one more time. I just love how smooth that is. So watch this

So what's the benefit of that?

Well, of course the benefit of that is if I'm inserting a lot of documents I can just deal with one hand

It's way way more efficient than opening at the mechanism and closing it

So over time, of course that will save you a lot of time and time equals money

The other consideration is just the style of the binder

We can go with a basic binder

if it's just for your own purpose this binder we can

Slide in 81/2 by 11 inch sheet in here to label it, but there are some binders that have no pockets at all

So that's your least expensive binder. You're kind of your economy binder your go-to binder

But if you want a little bit fancier, we have binders like this quickfit binder over here

What makes us a little bit unique is that on an 8 1/2 by 11 inch sheet of paper

you can label your binder use their program to create a label and then you can insert it right into their binder and

it's just a really really nice way to

Mark out your binder some binders do not have this type of feature the Quickfit binders

You have to actually put the label down the spine of the binder while that's okay to do. It's a little bit more time-consuming

So you got to really figure out what type of presentation view binder you need other considerations is another pocket on the inside

So whether you need that pocket to store extra documents or sheets that are loose that's another consideration as well

finally another one to consider that a lot of people don't know about is

Hinging binders something that we don't really consider but it is worth considering why because it'll actually takes up less space on a bookshelf

How does that work?


you can see here on a

Straight on this is just a regular binder to get the clearance of the Rings over here

You can see that it actually leaves a bit of a gap here

It's adding extra width to the overall binder now with a dual hinge design the same thing

You can see how there is no gap. Alright, so there you can see on the hinge design

it actually

Saves a little bit of space and the larger the binder gets the more room that you save on your bookshelf using that

Hinge design now if you've got a lot of documents like this

Stacked on a bookshelf similar to what I have back then you might want to consider a file binder

Now, what does the file binder look like here?

It is file binders very very handy now with a dual hinge because it actually clears a room

It's a little bit shorter than your traditional binder that allows you to fit in a bookshelf. So everything stays smooth with a bookshelf

It's actually a very very nice feature

It's something that you should consider if you've got a lot of binders and you need to store the moment up bookshelf

so there you go guys your five steps on how to choose the proper binder for your

Application if you have any questions comments about binders or anything else to relate to the office

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