How To Measure or Check for 3 Phase Voltage

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one two three okay today we're going to

talk about how to measure voltage on a

three-phase panel this is actual

particular panels of square d you're

going to put your fill piece the HS 36

fill piece Minter once again you gonna

put on volts AC okay as he looks at the

mid I want to show you first thing we're

going to do is put it on the a and C

phase you've got 245 volts

246 we're going to go to the a excuse me

the B and C phase and now we're going to

go to the a and B phase what we're

looking for here is to make sure we have

the voltage that we need now I'm going

to go to the neutral this is the neutral

so I'm going to go neutral to the a

phase neutral to the B phase okay that's

you highlight you always have one high

leg in three-phase systems it's usually

the B phase by cutting that's actually

what is for the national ultra code it

has to be the B phase and then on the C

phase so that what this tells me is we

have a two forty three phase balance

system is what we call the Delta system

getting questions about how to check for

three phase voltage you can call John's

air conditioning and electric I'll go to

John's air conditioning calm thank you