How to Use Your Hand to Measure Portion Sizes

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did you know your hand is a powerful

tool to help you from overeating all you

need is right here I am Susan Wright

registered dietician at CH a health

looking to butter your toast

a portion of butter or oil or Mayo is

about one teaspoon or about the size of

the tip of your finger your thumb is

about one tablespoon

the next time you're eating salad

dressing peanut butter cream cheese let

your thumb be your guide wanting a snack

a serving of chips crackers pretzels ice

cream and even pasta are about 1 cup

hand a portion of meat is about 3 ounces

which is about a half a chicken breast

or the size of the palm of your hand if

you make a fist

that equals about one cup or a serving

of cereal soup fruit or casseroles so

the next time you dine in or eat out

take a look at your plate and take a

look at your hand and get a handle on

how much you're really eating this

update brought to you by CH eye health