Measuring sticky liquids- like honey, maple syrup, and molasses

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hi I'm Amelia from simple veggie meals

calm and today I wanted to show you a

simple way to measure sticky liquids

when you're measuring sticky liquids for

recipes sometimes you'll find that most

of the liquid stays in the measuring cup

well this will help you here are some

things you'll need some vegetable oil

your measuring utensils and of course

your sticky liquids first of all I'm

pouring my vegetable oil into my table

spoon once it's coated I'm just gonna

dump out the excess that creates like a

little bit of a buffer layer don't throw

that away you can use that for when

you're sauteing something next time

now you'll see there's still some oil in

there you can measure the liquids just

the way that is you'll get a little bit

of oil it won't hurt you but if you want

it a little bit less oiling you can just

rinse it with hot water

so I'm measuring a tablespoon I'm gonna

dump it out it makes it so all the honey

gets into the measuring Bowl and doesn't

stay in the measuring spoon so that was

an aluminum measuring spoon let's try it

with stainless steel measuring cup and

see what happens

pour the oil in coated so I'm measuring

honey for granola or something yummy and

tasty dumping out my sticky liquid so

there you can see it's pretty well

cleaned out there's only a little drop

of honey left in there not much waste at

all this way cleanup is simple you don't

have a spatula that you have to clean up

your measuring cup or your measuring

spoon is basically clean that's an easy

way to measure sticky liquids for more

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