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some brown sugar maybe a spoon imma use

a spoon and since I don't have a 3/4 a

cup I'm gonna use a 1/4 cup and a half

because I equals 3/4 rice you grab your

brown sugar then we're gonna start off

with the 1/2 a cup

we're gonna start filling it all right


it's nice and packed we're use a spatula

to level it off to make sure it's flat

even amount we're gonna go back and

forth try to keep it pack that this is

kind of hard to do so no they got the

half done we're gonna do the fourth now

see if it's packed that's good after you

pack down your sugar level off measure

it this is what it should look like when

you dump it out if you're mixing it dump

it into a mixer you know you should be

able to hit it out and it shouldn't come

across as homo-sex

Sandcastle do the other one both

I should attack so first step was to get

your brown sugar and fill up your cups

right then you pack it down and you use

your spatula to level it off make sure

there's no access but keep sure that

it's packed down and after that you take

it one and dump it out it should look

like sandcastle