How To Measure Flour Correctly For Baking

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this is some rlg of cakes and more and

this is the video series baking for

beginners flour is one really important

ingredient in all recipes and it's very

important that we use the right amount

and right measure of flour which the

recipe calls for otherwise your cakes

and cookies may end up being dry and

tough so it's always best that you weigh

your ingredients including flour but

then in case you do not have your set of

weighing scales yet you may want to know

how to measure flour correctly and again

those rare instances where you are

kitchen scales decide to throw a tantrum

and then you don't know what to do

so at times like that it really helps to

know how flour is measured correctly

there are broadly two ways in which a

flat can be measured and one is the

spoon and level method and the other one

is called as the dip and scoop method so

this is how we measure the flour using

the spoon and level method you place

your standard measuring cup on your flat

surface like your kitchen counter and

then you want to just lightly fluff the

flour in the container this is really

important and then you just lightly

spoon this flour into the measuring cup

and you want to all fill this and then

take a knife or anything flat like a

scale perhaps and then you just level it

like this so that you have one cup of

flour and now this cup of flour will

weigh approximately 130 grams so the

operative word being approximately so

weighing is always best and when you are

filling your cup with flour remember not

to tap it against the counter do not do

this as this will compact the flour and

give you more of flood in each cup so

which is not what you want so you do not

need to do that you shouldn't be doing

that the spoon and level method was the

method I would use before I got my

weighing scales so even now if I had to

bake elsewhere not at my home and I do

not have paying scales then this is the

method I follow

and then we have this other method

called as the dip and scoop method are

also followed by a lot of Baker's in the

dip and scoop method as the name

specifies the cup is directly dipped

into the container of flour and then you

scoop it up like this and then you level

it like this and this method gives you

approximately about 140 grams of flour

per cup so as you can see there's almost

10 grams more of flour in each cup and

that would make a difference to your

cookies for your cakes again I would

like to specify that it's always best to

away your ingredients including flour

and but then it's always good to know

all these small things which can make a

lot of difference if ever you need to

measure your flour and not weigh it

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