Multimeter Basics - AC Voltage

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I'm going to be guiding you today

through voltmeters as you can see we

have a multiple variety of volt meters

and we're going to show you first safety

and then operation on checking volts the

first thing you want to do and remember

with safety is is never use a volt meter

on anything other than voltage and what

it's designed to do you should always

follow the manufacturer's instructions

and never do simple things like touching

the ended leads when you check in

voltage that makes you a conductor for

electricity you will get shot the second

thing you want to do is select the

voltage rating on your meter it will be

a symbol just like this once you have

selected that a lot of your meters will

Auto range meaning go from high to low

automatically and then you have some

meters that will not you will have to

set this one has to be said the one I

had previous is auto range you can see

there is high medium and low difference

settings for that up for that range when

you install your meter leads your test

leads you're going to want to place the

black lead into the common area and then

your red lead into the positive which


320 folds or your positive on DC today

we're just talking about AC current as

you can see the symbol remember it and

your auto range you should be good now

in order to test a particular voltage

such as an outlet you are going to

select the outlet select your voltage

you're going to place your meter leads

into the outlet as you can see by

testing this we have 120 volts that

means there's power to available to the

outlet so now we're going to test

voltage on a component we have a normal

transformer here you can see the black

or 120 volt wire coming in and the

neutral wire coming in when testing

voltage on a component is always very

important to have a neutral or that

white wire so I'm going to place one

meter lead on the neutral and one on the

120 volt hot and you can see here I have

122 volts now coming out of this

transformer I should have somewhere in

the neighborhood of 24 volts so I'm

going to take those same test leads and

I'm going to test on the two leads for

24 volts and you can see here according

to my meter it's 26 volts and that would

be how you would test a transformer

component okay now we're going to test

bare wires that you would see it from

inside the wire nuts as we take a wire

net off now you're going to test once

again the neutral

and 120 or the Hotwire the black wire in

this case and here we're getting 120

volts now that's the same you can see

the light bulb is on and if I place a

meter lead on the wire coming into the

light bulb on one side and then the

neutral you'll see 120 volts there so

now you have tested with a voltmeter and

outlet a transformer and a load such as

a light bulb be careful and always be

safe remember never touch the bare wires

with your hands or the ends of your

meter when you're testing that's what we

have 4 volt meters today thanks and have

a great day