How to size a kids/youth bike.

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hey everybody its Phil from McPike here

I'm here with my daughter Fiona we're

gonna go through a little bit of sizing

kids bikes for you just give you some

tips on how to go about it ideally you

know we'd love to have you enter the

store and meet your child help them

figure out the perfect bike for them but

if for whatever reason you can't come

into the store or maybe you're trying to

surprise your child or see at home if

their bike still fits them these are

some tips that can kind of help you out

with that

so sizing for kids bikes first off

starts it's done by tire size generally

we've got a twelve fourteen sixteen then

we go to 20 24 and now we've even got

junior bikes in 26 inch wheel size but

there's also of course adult frame sizes

that start off in 26 and then going

beyond that there's a myriad of wheel

sizes and adults we're not going to get

into that right now so if you take your

child's bike and you look on the side of

the wheel you'll usually find a wheel

size on it something like 16 by 1 or 24

by 2 something like that so it's that

first number that you're looking for the

24 stands for a 24 inch round wheel but

the more important thing that we're

gonna look at on a kid's bike isn't so

much either your child's height or their

age we're gonna look at what's called

stand over height which is basically

your child's inseam height and that's

the most important factor when you're

trying to determine a bike size for your


you could take two kids the same height

and one's gonna have longer legs and a

higher in seen than the other one might

have a longer reach so you know those

are important factors and obviously you

can take a bunch of 10 year-olds and

they're all gonna be different heights

and sizes so using age is a bit of a

guideline and you'll notice that the

chart that we have on our website

includes height but the most important

factor is going to be inseam height so

I'm gonna use Fiona here and we're gonna

show you how we size up a bike okay so

for sizing your kid's bike we've got

here this is awesome little kids bike

Norco storm 4.1 24-inch wheel size

see on our chart it recommends for my

daughter's 10 and for 10 year old it

recommends either a 24 or a 26 so this

is where this height comes into play

though the length of the inseam so what

we're doing is first I'll get you to

swing your leg over the bike there Fiona

what you want to do is you want to get

your child to swing their leg over the

bike and stand over top of the bar so

they're not standing over top of the

they're not sitting on the seat and

they're not standing over top of the

seat and what we're looking for is that

their feet are flat on the ground on

level ground and that they still have

space at the crotch between the crossbar

and their crotch so that they can

basically be safe on the put their feet

safely on the ground another great way

to test this out is if you lift the bike

up until the crossbar just contacts the

crutch you should have about an inch

inch and a half half of space underneath

that tire in an ideal world now of

course I know lots of people like to get

as much life as they can out of their

bikes kids are growing Lots all that

sort of thing so you can stretch that a

bit but you definitely do not want to be

making contact with the crossbar or

definitely not like having your child on

their tippy toes because so if their

crotch is touching the crossbar like

this and their feet are up on their

tippy toes that's really not a good


you're better off that they're gonna

enjoy their experience on the bike then

you get a bike that's too big and you

know they're really going to struggle on

it and not have as much fun we want them

to have a positive experience so the way

you can check this out without the bike

and that's what we're kind of talking a

little bit about today I just want to

swing off there Fionna so what you can

do is you can measure your child's

inseam that's what we're talking about

for the stand over height so I'm just

going to put this bike off to the side

here so an inseam length is measured

just is measured from the ground up to

their crotch okay so Fiona has an inseam

length of about 25 25 and a half inches

now if you take that information

and you come into the store with it or

you call us up and let us know that we

can help you up and pick out a bike and

basically what we're going to do is

we're gonna measure that same distance

to the ground to the crossbar and

that'll let us know where they sit on

there also you'll notice on our chart on

our website if you go there it's gone

inseam length and that's the really

important determining factor at this age

to try and figure out the bike so this

was a 24 inch wheel and it also

recommended that possibly she might fit

a 26 so I'm just gonna grab a 26 and

we'll check that out for comparison so

what we've got here this is a giant etx

this is a 26 inch wheel size adult bike

once we get into adil bikes were

generally dealing with frame sizes so a

26 inch wheel bike there's gonna be in

many cases a double extra small extra

small small medium large and extra large

so this is a double extra small so this

is the smallest adult bike that you can

get so we'll try a few hundred on this

if you wanna swing your leg over top of

that one okay and you can see now she's

contacting that top bar and her feet are

not flat on the ground so although that

24-inch was maybe pushing a tiny bit on

the big side for ideal she's definitely

not in a safe riding position on this 26

inch bike okay so I just wanted to show

you guys one more bike give you an idea

of what a bike that's too small fits

like so we've got this awesome kona

Hanzo 20 a bit of a bike for a little

bit more adventurous of a rider got a

nice lock out on the shock and some

hydraulic disc brakes funny feels gonna

show you what this looks like on her so

you can see she can obviously straddle

the bar still get her feet flat what's

gonna happen though is when we lift up

that front wheel till it contacts your

crotch you can see we've got well over a

foot of space under the under the tire

so that's your first indication that

it's probably too big I'll just get you

to have a seat there Fiona it's very to

small and then if she puts her feet on

the pedals so you can see the distance

between her knee and the handlebars is

really short so it doesn't give her a

lot of room to

new ver it feels very cramped and also

if you bring your she's got a foot right

up at the top of the pedal stroke maybe

just pedal backwards a couple times you

see how tight her knees come up into her

body as well it really craps up the

diaphragm makes it tough to breathe and

so the whole cockpit is just really

tight and and snugged up so they're

gonna have a hard time riding this bike

comfortably and feeling secure and

confident on it even though it's too

small so you don't want to be too small

you don't want to be too big just like

Goldilocks we want to be right in the

middle okay so hopefully that gave you

guys some help on how to size up a kid's

bike if you can't get your child into

the store to check that out thanks to

Fiona for helping me out and and

otherwise yeah if you can't bring your

kid into the store or if you don't want

to come into the story yourself you can

always give us a phone call you can hit

us up on facebook messenger we're also

happy to video chat with anybody so you

can see what the different options are

and what they look like and there's also

of course our website has most of our

kids models that we carry that's got us

handy sizing chart on there and also

links to all the different manufacturers

generally in kids bikes we carry Norco

we carry giant and we carry Kona three

really awesome reputable bike

manufacturers that we're super happy to

be working with for so many years and

yeah so coming in check us out if you

can and if not give us a phone call and

we hope to see you all well soon thanks