Measuring 2.6 oz of 2 Cycle Oil

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you know so something that start now

something that usually aggravated me is

when you go out and buy two cycle engine

oil for a weed whacker or tiller or a


and you need fifty to one ratio and on

the back of this it states 50 to one

here's 2.6 ounces for one gallon all

right how the heck do you get 2.6 ounces

out of that well here you go first you

purchase one of these all right so so

you have the measuring cup that's 2.6

think you can see it 2.6 ounces alright

so so as the fill line so what you do is

you take your your oil and you pour it

in up to 2.6 and you go ahead and pour

it in there and I've already done that

but what I want to show you here is to

get the rest of it in the in the

container it's a little trick you're

going to push okay you got it you got to

push with yeah make sure that tube on

the side is kind of empty everything's

down on the on the lower end here and

push the air up okay through the top and

then you release your hand the pressure

with it back this way and it selects it

back down okay so it's filling it up on

the bottom as we as we do this so you

gotta keep doing that you gotta keep

doing that and some of it will go back

up as you do this but you don't want to

put too much in because it's really hard

to maneuver it

there you go ahead and I call it let it

drink it and you get that way you don't

have to you know cap this off and store

it and you have it in here and ready to

go so that's the end of that that's

going to be quite a few servings

that's weird way of saying it but as

servings for the for the weed whacker

the tiller and so on so so a real fast

way to get to point six nine ounces is

with a pre-measured cup on top of one of

these things alright so hopefully I

helps you out

by the way when I want to let you know

that premium gas is the thing you should

be using anything other than premium

even if you're using a substance that

makes the gas last longer

it doesn't help out the ethanol that's

in there okay so use premium gas mix it

and you'll find out even your weed

whackers that don't work now because you

think the carburetors that you know

clogged up you'll find that they work

good now now I have one weed whacker up

here the this one's brand new last year

it wouldn't work because I thought the

carburetors plugged up and I put premium

in it with with the mixture forty to one

and it works beautifully now this guy is

a force longer a straight gas I think

the carburetor is plugged up because I

put premium there it still doesn't rock

so it's just as well with that ethanol

dust it kills the boat motors kills

everything so use the high test when you

can okay it actually pays off in the

long run thanks for watching the video

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see you back be kind to those who meet

and had a nice day