Drs. Rx: Simple Trick to Portion Pasta

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who's gone to make yourself a serving of

spaghetti only to find that you made

enough for a small army and that's why

we found a solution so you take an empty

16 or 20 ounce water bottle measure out

about as much dry spaghetti that will

fit into the top of the bottle and voila

this is your portion and when it cooks

out and you boil it that's exactly the

amount of pasta right here at of course

maybe a little of your favorite marinara

or olive oil parmesan and you have a

perfect portion of pasta let me just

make sure okay that's our doctors daily

prescription and Italia Rachel mentioned

it we before we started taping the

segment that but pasta inherently

especially this is whole-grain pasta in

moderation is a bad for you but we do we

probably eat Homburg three or four

portions per person yes when you go when

you go actually go over to Italy I mean

the portion is aside it's not the main

dish so unfortunately if you're eating

all of this in one setting it's so mean

empty bottle trick I'm gonna start you

in this what do you all think

thanks for being with