✅ How Many Tablespoons In An Ounce

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we move on and today we're going to

answer a question about how many

tablespoons in and out okay to answer

this question ah sure they have provided

to answer that and here is the answer so

the question is hung tablespoon um so in

an ounce there are two tails flow so 1

is equal to 2 tablespoon again case of

someone asking you of how many tables

when you go in 10

okay and anticipate go to how many

yeah tbsp hot yes tablespoon yeah hang

on a sec OH - how many tablespoon that's

a question ok so to solve this problem

first King materi so you need to pull

this tenth out from here and multiply

one cause it arms then give it a go sign

your foot ten in the right soil and then

you multiply Taylor to travel to code

okay now ten R is equal to 12 - move -

well that's the answer

thank you for watching if you have an

equation or a tesora you can put it

uncommon box see you again in the next

video goodbye