✅ How Many Grams In A Teaspoon (of Salt)

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hello how are you today everyone welcome

to my video in this video we are going

to answer a question about yeah it's

what really think that you do do you do

it in every day dealing with its TSP but

you got a problem how comforting

intagram alright so this is the question

how many grams in a teaspoon well to

answer this question actually I'd prefer

you guys with the answer of the question

in here is answer of the question

one teaspoon is equal to five point

sixty nine gram all right

but in case someone asking you about how

could we multiplied more than one

teaspoon intagram well for example if

you want to know no it's not it wasn't

it wasn't you one conference your friend

wants to know how to convert it right

but you need to know you need to

understand the way you solve the problem

with it okay so for example you want

convert your friend want to convert

change the spoon and to gram so it's

quite a challenge for you from your

friend intagram okay that's question and

then how to solve this problem

well let me escort you

on service problem the first thing that

you need to do ace you need to write

down understand and then you multiply

the number with this number okay

one teaspoon and then give it an equal

sign and then you multiply it all right

we do

what about yet but you need to sure that

because you can't end in the left side

then we must have ten in the right set

as well and then with it to multiply

this 10

wait this number 5.16 in grams okay all

right now 10 multiplied 1 teaspoon is

equal to teen tan teaspoon

that's cool and then 10 multiply it with

five point 69 is equal to five six point

nine gram and that is how we solve a

problem regarding to come for ash in

between teaspoon and gram I think that's

all from me thank you for watching and

see you later if you have any further

question then you can put it in comment

box well again see you later

and goodbye