Fluid Ounces vs. Weight Ounces

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today we're going to look at what fluid

ounces really means compare it to weight


we're starting with four different kinds

of fluids and we have 8 fluid ounces of

each of them we have water milk oil and

juice you'll notice also that we've used

different size of measuring cups so each

measuring cup has a different capacity

but they also have the exact same amount

except for this little tiny one here

this one only has capacity of one ounce

so we need to fill it 8 times in order

to have the same capacity as this cup

that has a 2 cup capacity this cup that

has a 4 cup capacity which is one quart

and that one that has a 2 cup capacity a


which is also a total of 16 ounces a day

damage yeah ok first we're going to

start with our water let's watch the

weight as we pour the water in 8 ounces

of water is the same as 8 ounces of

weight pour out the water Oh next we're

going to look at the milk

oh now milk is a little thicker than

water cuz it's a lot of damage because

there's fat in it and other things and

here we have more than 8 ounces in

weight but it was the same amount weight

and fluid ounces wait that's illegal

next we're going to try juice mm-hmm

and I need to put my 8 ounce in here so

I have a total of 8 ounces of juice

booger juice

you are putting our 8 ounces of juice

let's see that's also 8 ounces in weight

yikes it's a little bit more to pour in

the juice out wait how does that mean I

just that weighed more than the milk

that is completion maybe cuz there's

sugar in juice laughs and now we're

doing our 8 ounces of fluid ounces of

oil and there are 10 wait what and now

there's less than 8 ounces of wait wait

if you've ever seen oil float on water

this might explain oil is less dense

than water so there's less stuff packed

in there when it has the same fluid